Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Let's play ball....

Milwaukee will play it's first exhibition game tomorrow versus Oakland. So if you have been craving the sounds of summer and Uecker's voice like I have, tune in to AM620. First pitch is at 2:05pm. HERE is the spring training schedule.

"Right-hander Jeff Suppan will be first out of the chute Wednesday against Oakland, followed by Yovani Gallardo, Manny Parra, Braden Looper and Dave Bush...Macha said he will use an off day late in camp, on March 24, to realign his rotation if so desired for the regular season. But there's nothing to say he won't begin the season with the rotation aligned as it is now. -jsonline.com

So Jeff Suppan could very well start opening day. Which is fine with me. That way I don't have to watch him on Saturday (4/12) when they play the Cubs in Milwaukee...my first game of the year!

In todays intrasquad game JJ Hardy blasted a homer off Tim *Dillard. Mike* Lamb played firstbase today and made an impressive defensive play robbing Mat Gamel of an extra-base hit! Brewers inched one out....ha!
*Update! It seems I rushed through this post and mixed up Mr. Lamb's first name and forgot to add a "d" at the end of Dillard. Thanksfully, "JIM" was able to point that out in a very polite maner.

For those that follow papal events....Milwaukee's own Tim Dolan was hand picked to become the archdiocese of New York. Hip-hip-hoooooray! Pictured above, Nolan threw out a first pitch for the Crew back in 2004.

For those who live in/around Appleton and are planning on becoming rabid Rattler fans...Gord Ash will be MC'ing the "Lead Off" event on April 8th, at some bar in Grand Chute. Perhaps I just a bit jealous. I live in Merrill, we have a VFW team...they are pretty good........

Ex-Brewer thirdbasemen Corey Koskie will be donning a Team Canada jersey for the upcoming WBC. He's trying to make a run at cracking the MLB again. I can see him landing a gig with the Twins, if he hasn't already. He still lives in the Twin Cities. Why? I do not know. They butt.

The fellers at Rightfieldbleachers.com posted another interview with a Brewer prospect. Blake Billings get's the ol' "Q&A". Interesting stuff. I don't know how they pull these interviews off. I called Nick Carter once of the Backstreet Boys and chatted with him for a good 30 minutes. I don't know where I am going with that one...


  1. Tim "Dillar" and "Matt" Lamb? Really?

  2. whoops. I corrected that. Looks like I have to learn the new guys' name. Even if it is some senior citizen and a hack in the bullpen. Really.