Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Brewers extend Rickie Weeks

I, myself, along with many others wrote Rickie Weeks off this winter. Surely this breakout secondbaseman was going to move on after this season and get a huge payout for a different club. But I was wrong, I will eat crow as I type this.

The news hit today that Rickie and the Brewers agreed on a 4-year deal (5th year optional) worth up to 50MM. It's being reported that Milwaukee could opt out after 4 seasons if Rickie isn't an "everyday player" in 2013 & 2014. Sounds like a unique deal but a wise move, considering the fact that Weeks is prone to injuries and slumps. But all indications point to a great signing; right at the time when Rickie is about to hit his prime.

One only needs to look at his numbers last season and even the shortened 2009 year. Rickie was THE best lead-off hitter in 2010. Hands-down.

Weeks was second only to Prince Fielder in the lead-off spot (16 for Weeks, 17 for Fielder).
He led all other lead-off hitters in RBI's (16, dah), and Runs (17) to name a few.

In 2010, Weeks was the hottest hitting 2B in the league as well. He led the league in Runs with 112. Rickie finished 3rd in the league for RBI's with 83 (2nd in the NL) and tied for 2nd in HR's with Robinson Cano (29).

Imagine what he could've done with a full-season played in 2009!

MORE on what Rickie was thinking when signing his new contract.

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  1. "Sorry to say folks, but you heard it here....I don't anticipate seeing Weeks as a Brewer after this season."

    "I, myself, along with many others wrote Rickie Weeks off this winter."

    You have wrote off Weeks a lot longer than this winter. A couple of years now. Go Rickie Go!!! All together now. Go Rickie Go!!!!