Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spring Training opens up on Monday!

How can the state of Wisconsin not be excited right now. There seems to be a grin on everyone's face that I pass. Afterall, the Brewers are days away from opening Spring Training (Monday: Pitchers/Cathers report), the UW Football team made a Rose Bowl appearence, Packers won the Super Bowl last Sunday, and the UW Basketball team is ranked 14th in the nation.

Zach Greinke will be reporting to a new spring training site come Monday; as will Shawn Marcum and Takashi Saito. LaTroy Hawkins will begin his path back to being the set-up man and Manny Parra will learn to adjust to being a long reliever for the 2011 season. It's an exciting time, if you ask me. When was the last time Milwaukee had anything to boast about when it came to pitching? We have a closer in 2nd year hurler John Axford, a number of options for a set-up man, and stocked bullpen. In years past, the pen was the highlight of Spring Training...high ambition.

Now the Crew has a highly competitive (on paper) starting rotation. Will Yovanni remain the ace; or will Greinke take over the helm (I think the former)? Will Randy Wolf continue his 2nd half dominance that he had in 2010 and parlay it in to 2011? Is Narveson for real? Or will he falter? Who will fill in if he does or if someone else is injured? For some reason, these questions excite me because there are finally options. Not to mention, Milwaukee could make another move before the trade deadline if Narveson and Co. struggle. Attanasio has already said that he lets the players' talent dictate the team's payroll. So with that being said, Milwaukee probably won't hesitate to make another move before late July is here.

-Marcum and the Brewers avoided arbitration last night by agreeing on a 1-year deal worth almost 4MM + incentives.

-A piece by the JS on how the Brewers barely missed out on Mike Trout, the upcoming prospect for the Angels.

-Miller Park had that competition between fans (hopefull chefs) on what to add to the menu. Kabobs are one of them. I love Miller Park food. Compared to a number of other parks I have been too, Miller Park is near or at the top. Although Dodger stadium had some good eats.

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