Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let the training begin....

Milwaukee's spring training is now in full-swing.

All eyes are on Zack Greinke; something he doesn't really like. He apparently increased his medication to deal with on-going anxiety disorder and this can cause fatigue, which will hopefully be worked on and corrected over the next month. Not exactly the news I was hoping for coming out of Phoenix. As a result of all the attention, he has become a bit "reclusive" and directing his attention to pitching (where else would it be?). This could be a reoccuring problem for the ex-CY Young winner. It's been an issue in the past while in Kansas City, most likely last season with his lack-luster season. Hopefully the other hurlers will step up and try to steal the spotlight from him.

DO NOT be suprised if Yovanni is announced as the Opening Day starter for Milwaukee and Greinke is moved to the #2 spot in the rotation.

Is this small little newsbit enough to get worked-up over? No, but it's something to certainly monitor. There is far too much at stake this season for it not be taken seriously.

* Nice story on Corey Hart in yesterday's paper. I used to really hate this man when he sucked, but like Rickie Weeks...I'm now eating crow because of it.

*Edison Volquez was already named the Opening Day starter for Cincy. He will take to the mound against a potent offense from Milwaukee.

*Fox Sports Wisconsin will televise all of their 132 games in HD, similar to last year's claim. I must argue however, that there were many times when I would notice that the games were in standard def. Perhaps it was just in North Central Wisconsin region, but a remember a number of times when the game wasn't in HD.

*Nice to see Logan Schafer and Mark DeFilice in camp. You might remember last season when Logan reported to camp, but was quickly knocked out after a pretty severe groin tear (cringe). A crazy twist to his story; this injury than turned in to a sports hernia . Once he recovered from that, the putz fouled a ball of his right foot and broke it. Holy balls, does this kid have bad luck.
Mark was out the entire 2010 season with a shoulder injury, but was a stand-out in the pen during the 2009 campaign (despite the team's record).

*Alcides Escobar, last years SS for the Crew, is now reuniting with Ned Yost. The two last worked together during Spring Training in 2008. Ned would use Escobar as a fill-in. Ned knows Escobar well and is aware of how dangerous he can be on the base path. I still think Odorizzi will be the most missed in that winter trade, but Escobar could be a player that collects 30 stolen bases this year....IF....he improves his OBP.

*Finally, for the 2nd year in a row I "won" the right to purchase Opening Day tickets.

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