Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crew splits during first day of live play

Milwaukee lost to SF 10-9 and beat Chicago 5-3 yesterday in their first spring training game of the season.

Shawn Marcum started against the Giants; throwing only fastballs and changeups while trying to target the inside of left-handed hitters. He lasted 2 innings giving up 2 runs on 4 hits while striking out 3.

Prince Fielder and Barry Zito exchanged words yesterday when Zito pitched what he thought was a strike. The ump called a ball and so Zito walked towards the ump to ask him for a second opinion. Fielder chimed in and the two had a nice chat. I remember Fielder getting in an argument last years during a spring traning game...wasn't it against the Giants as well? Of course we all remember 2009 when the Giants got all pissed-off because Fielder and the Crew did the grenade explosion celebration after he blasted a HR.

The Giants have good reason to be happy about their up-coming star Brandon Belt (1B). This kid is going to be lights-out for San Fran this season and in to the future. He had a couple of doubles after going 0-2 the day before. Barry Zito got roughed up; he walked 5 of 13 batters.

Zach Greinke will get the nod today against Chicago's (White Sox) Mark Burhle. Greinke will throw no more than 35 pitches. If you remember, he had a slow start last week due to food poisoning.

Ryan Braun went 1-2 in the win over Chicago, with a run-scoring double. Chicago's Kerry Wood had his return ruined by a Caleb Gindl and then (wait for it.....wait for it) ZELOUS Wheeler notched a single. What a great name, Zelous.

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