Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Greinke likely to get Opening Day nod

Zach Greinke will most likely be the Opening Day starter for Milwaukee when they open up against the Reds. I was hoping that Yovani Gallardo would be coined, but I'm thinking that will not happen. Greinke obviously wants it and he has made that known. Ron Roenicke has a tough decision to make, that's for sure. Any time a team has three 2010 Opening Day Starters in their rotation you know you have a good dilemma!

"I imagine it'll come pretty soon," he said. "There will be some (bruised feelings), but that's good. If guys are upset about not pitching the opener, that's good. You want guys who want to pitch."

I am of the thought that Roenicke should pen Gallardo in hopes that this lifts his confidence. Let's face it, Gallardo fell-off last season during the 2nd half. This is his team, I still truly believe that....and the kid just turned 25. He will be here when Greinke (and possibly Marcum) move on in 2013. Lets do him right and keep the team in his hands. I still think Gallardo is going to be a winner, probably not a Cy Young winner, but a pitcher that will be a TRUE ace in the coming couple of seasons.

Don't get me wrong, I think Greinke is going to bring Milwaukee back to the play-offs. But he certainly comes off as being overly-confident.

But when I read this, it makes me wonder how Gallardo and the other core nucleus of the team's clubhouse will react to someone who is vocal....

As for the rotation alignment, Greinke noted that starting the two lefties, Randy Wolf and Chris Narveson, behind the three right-handers wouldn't be ideal. Roenicke already has said he plans to split his southpaws, meaning Wolf probably will pitch the third game in Cincinnati.
Greinke also noted that he and Gallardo have similar styles and maybe shouldn't pitch back-to-back. Should Roenicke agree with that thinking, the rotation would be Greinke, Marcum, Wolf, Gallardo and Narveson, with Gallardo drawing the home opener against Atlanta.
"Everyone wants to pitch on opening day," said Greinke. "But whatever is decided, it's not like anyone's going to cry if they don't get it."

The Crew beat the White Sox yesterday when Greinke tossed 39 pitches (against Mark Buerhle) lasting 1 1/3 inings and working out of some bases loaded jams. He was high in his zone, according to Roenicke. Greinke seemed confident however and chalked it up to getting in his routine.

Here's a link to the Kansas City Star's video-interview with Greinke regarding his new team and his time in KC.

Doug Melvin is looking at extending Casey McGahee's contract. His performance certainly warrants consideration. After all, he made 430,000.00 in 2010 and he led the team in RBI's with 104 with a .284 batting average in 157 games. Not too shabby for a guy who had off-season knee surgery last year.

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