Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rough Spring Training

There's no other way to put it....this Spring Training has been complete crap.

With yesterdays news of Zack Greinke starting the season on the DL...can it get any worse for the Crew? Oh that's right, Corey Hart is out indenfinately and Jonathon Lucroy is going to miss the first month of play with a broken pinkie. Throw in the butt load of minor injuries going on in the bullpen and you have a recipee for a very nervous manager.
No reason to completely freak out. Some think that Milwaukee will have the needed depth to cover such a loss. Furthermore, Zack is only missing a couple of starts. I would guess that Manny Parra would fill in nicely, or, they could go with Rogers (pending his return). Either way, it's nice to have this dilemma now rather than in September, right? Bull shit, I am still uneasy about this. The start of the season is vital and it sets the tone. What the hell was he thinking?
To some extent, I feel bad for the guy. You can expect him to stop playing leisure games of basketball. Evidentally he's been worried about getting injured for some time now. He even mentioned that during one of his interviews yesterday; mentioning that it finally caught up with him. But now? Come on now son.
John Axford is quite active with his facebook page, launching a poll to see what song he should come out to. Pretty cool. It's nice to see players connect with fans like that. Not bad for a former bartender and cell phone salesman!
Milwaukee and LA (Dodgers) got in a brief 'dust up' resulting in Prince charging the out of the dugout to back-up Casey McGehee. Roman Colan (nickname Roman Coke?) struck McGehee with bases loaded. He celebrated upon doing so and Casey barked at him. Fielder stormed out and had to be held back. All I can envision is him going after Mota a few years ago in LA. Remember that? He stood outside their clubhouse banging on the door while Braun and someone else tried to hold him back. Hilarious. He's a hot head, that's for sure. Milwaukee lost 7-1.
Corey Hart is expecting to return to the field in 2 weeks, seems like a long shot.

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