Monday, March 14, 2011

Opening Day is 2.5 weeks away....hurry please

The Honky Tonk man made a visit to Maryvale yesterday afternoon. Oddly enough, he looked better than Jeff Suppan ever did...

Milwaukee continues to hobble through Spring Training; the start of the season can't come soon enough. One never knows if 'Training injuries are serious or not. More times than not, they are. But I have a feeling that Ryan Braun's latest intercostal strain (Saturday) will sideline him for 2 weeks, leaving him with only a couple of at-bats the last remaining days of training. Ryan seems to be OK with that however....
" It's nothing at all," Braun said. "I could have played (Saturday) but there's no sense in it. Honestly, I feel better than I've ever felt in my life, so I don't really need at-bats right now "
This makes me smile because it tells me Braun is ready to go and excited about the up-coming season.

Greinke's injury seems to be legit. Adam McCalvy was just talking about it on AM1250 (Fox) out of Milwaukee. Interestingly enough, McCalvy also said that Greinke's personality isn't meshing well with the Brewers clubhouse. However, this can be expected of Zack. He went on to say that he's all about himself and doesn't really socialize with the rest of the team. We all pretty much knew this of him. Let Greinke do his thing, he'll be fine. It's just too bad that he has to miss 2-3 starts right out of the gate. As for Braun, don't fret over it. He'll be fine and ready to go Opening Day. The same goes with Jonathon Lucroy (broken pinkie). HERE is the rest of the medical round-up.

Odd day for short stops during the KC-Milwaukee spring game. Yuniesky Bentacourt exited the game with quadricep tightness (go figure) while Alcides Escobar hit an in-the-park homerun.
Minor League prospect Caleb Gindl (OF) sprained his knee during Escobar's freak-play in yesterday's game. Escobar hit a double and Gindl tried to make a play on it, instead he ran ended up running to the chain linked fence in order to stop him...only bad thing; that part of the fence was an unlocked gate. He ended up twisting his knee funny and he was out the rest of the game. He claims to be doing fine, but sounds freakishly weird, considering that Escobar was the guy who hit it.

Yovani Gallardo will be the Opening Day starter while Chris Narveson will be the home opening start.

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