Wednesday, July 6, 2011

45-42: Pirates jump to 2nd -- Crew drops to 3rd

What is a fan to do?  The dog days of summer can be hard on a brother all by itself, but then you throw in the Brew Crew's woos and you then find yourself with heartburn.  The current slump has been extended while playing the NL West second best team.  Yes, they're not even in first place--yet the DBacks are whipping the Brewers around while ON THE ROAD like it's nobody's business.

Such is baseball.  I mean, come on now people.  Let's look at the obvious.  Milwaukee could continue to slide against the Reds; meaning they could get swept by them and still be just fine.  The Reds don't have the pitching and the Pirates are the Pirates, they will self implode.  Both are mirages.

Randy Wolf gave up 7 runs in 3 innings last night....therefore he should be stripped of his right to have his own catcher in George Kottarus or Will Nieves (who's now out).  For some reason, Wolf has some issues with Lucroy--ever since Lucroy's first game catching last May.  Wolf was crying and bantoring like a little boy.  Get over one is better than the other.  The ONLY pitcher who picked his catcher and had every right to do it was Ben Sheets and his partner Chad Moeller.  Heck, CC didn't even have his own catcher.  Why should Wolf?  Don't get me wrong, Randy has been lights out this season and bumps in the road will happen.  But I'm sick of not seeing Lucroy in the line-up when they need him most.

Rickie Weeks in a horrible slump right now; his BA dropped to .274 and he's 5 for 37 stretching back to June 26th.  He's our 2B and slumps happen, but it's time to start thinking about flipping him down to the 2 hole.  He has the HR power, no sense in hitting solo shots.  The lead-off hitter should either be Morgan when he's starting in CF or Gomez, if the guy could learn to take a pitch.  Ok, maybe I'm on crack with the Gomez thing--but Morgan should be considered the everyday lead-off. 

Prince was named the NL Player of the month for June.  This is the second POM award, last one coming in April (...right?).

Prince selected Rickie Weeks to join him for the HR Derby.  That way Rickie can continue to hit meaningless home runs.  Ok Ok, that was low, but his HR's all come when they are out of the game. 

Yuni an ALL STAR replacement?  Well, it could happen (but it won't).  With Reyes & Tulo out, Yuni ranks 4th in ballots. 

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