Tuesday, July 19, 2011

51-46: Arizona rookie blanks Milwaukee....AGAIN

Unreal.  Milwaukee got blanked by Josh Collmenter and DBacks yet again.  The rookie RHP has now tossed 14 scoreless innings against the Brewers and gave up only 6 hits.  Last night he retired 12 consecutive batters before I gave up watching and went to bed.  Meanwhile, Randy Wolf gave up 3 runs (2 earned) and got in trouble just about every inning.  Even still, giving up 3 runs to the potent Arizona offense is an accomplishment that should be matched with SOME run support.  Casey McGehee sucks...that's pretty much how you sum up the offense.

Arizona has now beaten the Brewers all 4 games this season.

Up and down and up and down...this makes me stressed out.

I think Ron Roenicke made his first major mistake as Manager.  Ryan Braun could've easily been put on the DL on Sunday, July 3rd and have plenty of time to rest his calf; thus resulting in Milwaukee being able to bring up a much needed bat.  Instead, Ron Ron has been dinking around with Braun and keeping him out of the lineup in order to be extra careful.  Now it's his hamstring.  My guess is that it's still his calf that's acting up.  So now they're still trying to decide if he should be sent to the DL or not.  You can never be too carefull with Braun.  He's had some nagging injuries this season that also includes his shoulder (taken out of the Dodgers series out in LA.

Paul Molitor is in Wisconsin Rapids, WI as a guest for the Northwoods League all-star game.  He spent time playing for the Beloit Brewers (minor league) and played at Wisconsin Rapids, which was a Twins affiliate. 
Why doesn't Molly have a statue out front of Miller Park?

Miller Park is celebrating it's 10th Anniversary this season.  Now they want you to do a writing assignment about it.

Pittsburgh is back in 1st place of the NL Central, Milwaukee is in 3rd.  WTF. Additionally, the Pirates are beat the Reds last night to get to first. Is this team really for real?  I still don't think so. 

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