Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Milwaukee Lands a New Set-up Man!

....and the first team to make a huge splash during the trade season is......


The Milwaukee Brewers dealt 'two players to be named' to the New York Mets for Francisco Rodriguez and $5MM dollars.  The cash will be used to offset some of the 11.5MM Krod is set to make in 2011.  What makes it more interesting is that KRod already has 34 "finishes" this season; so Milwaukee can use him 21 more times to finish games this season before the 17.5MM option automatically vests with a 3.5MM buyout option.  That 5MM that was sent to Milwaukee is to offset that buyout option, I would imagine.  What makes this interesting is that Krod is a recently signed Scott Borras client.  Scott is a little upset that KRod will be auditioning for a new contract next a set-up man!  How genious is that? 

Doug Melvin saw a window of opportunity and took it. He was able to keep a closer out of the Cardinals hands and he was also able to utilize KRod as a set-up man and not have it work against his remaining 21 games.  Will KRod be happy in Milwaukee?  Possibly, but he has no choice after the shit show he pulled last season.  He can't afford to make waves and voice his displeasure.  Melvin has him by the to speak.  How smart of a move is that?

Meanwhile, the Mets were able to unload some salary in time for the off-season push to keep Jose Reyes.  With Carlos Beltran, David Wright, and Jason Bay on the books--that's 57MM of their 141MM payroll.

According to Doug Melvin, just now on AM1250 (Milwaukee), KRod is "happy" to come on board...but other than that, Melvin didn't elaborate how his talk went with KRod.  

When Melvin was asked "if he was done" this trade season--he hesitated and then went in to the old go-around of "the trade ideas you hear about are the ones that don't happen".  So my guess is that Melvin will work under the radar, just like with KRod, and land another deal.

My guess as to who the "two players to be named" are going to be Khris Davis and Taylor Green.  Those two are the pieces that NY could use, with David Wright probably departing soon.

Apparently the deal went down fast, possibly a 1/2 day.

Milwaukee was not on KRod's "no trade" list.

- Oh yea, forgot to mention that Prince Fielder was named the ALL STAR MVP for his 3-run homer to put the National League ahead and eventually win the game.  The Brewers will now have home field advantage in the World Series (smiley face).

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