Friday, July 15, 2011

49-44: Milwaukee sucks on the road...plain and simple.

      Last night's game was brutal, to say the least.  Despite the fact that the rain at Coors Field prevented the Brewers from taking BP and shagging fly-balls prior to the game--is no excuse for the horrible performance that Milwaukee turned out.  Yovanni Gallardo was god awful, horrific, disgusting, un-ACE like.  The offense was off to a smoking hot start, but it kind of takes the air out of you when you take the lead twice and give it back to them right away.  Look, you're going to get the occassional ass-kicking once every 2 weeks (even the good teams).  So take it on the chin and move on Crew....move on.

     Gallardo is horrible and Coors Field and they're horrible on the road (16-30).  So the question is; Why didn't Ron Roenicke do what other clubs did and rearrange their rotation a bit.  Have Narveson start the first game and skip Gallardo?  It's a bit far fetched, but they suck on the road and this could set the tide for the entire road trip (11 games).

    Ryan Braun extended his hitting streak to 23 games with a rip-roaring liner in his first at-bat from coming off his calf injury.  With a hit in tonight's game, he could tie for 2nd for the club record.  Paul Molitor has 39 games-which is the record, so there's a ways to go yet. 

  KRod says he "just wants to win".  Well, you picked the right club for home (Miller Park).
"It was a surprise. Definitely a surprise," Rodriguez said of the trade. "I was a little bit shocked. I knew I was in a market where eventually the Mets would find a way to trade me. But I never thought it was going to be Milwaukee."
I would be surprised too.  I mean, his ex-agent Paul Kinzer forgot to turn in KRod's no-trade list to the Mets org.  So the Mets knew they could trade him anywhere; but then KRod switched agents and signed on with Scott Boras.  Once the Mets found this out--they knew they only had a small window of opportunity to make a deal and send him packing ANYWHERE.   Milwaukee is ANYWHERE, considering that they are on most no-trade lists on star players and the city generally has to get waived or Ok'd by the player (Trevor Hoffman is one example of this, I believe).  So in a matter of 6-8 hours the NY Mets were able to make a deal with the Brewers and screw over Boras in the mean time.

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