Monday, July 11, 2011

49-43: Milwaukee takes series with Reds/First place tie with Cards

Milwaukee won a nail-biter yesterday afternoon in front of a sell out crowd at Miller Park.  Thanks to clutch veteran hitting off the bench by Counsell and Kotsay.  Kotsay ripped a single and drove in the tieing run in the 9th inning and then Counsell hit a walk-off sac fly to left field which drove in the winning run.

With Ryan Braun out of the All Star game, he will have plenty of time to recoop before Thursday's game in Denver. 

Who is the set-up man  for Milwaukee?  Loe or Saito, Hawkins or Braddock?  Well, apparently Ron Ron is going to use the match-up approach and keep both of them on their toes.  Makes sense and it's certainly doesn't suck that Milwaukee has 4 options.

According to THIS study by On Numbers, the Brewers are a hard team to root for...but there are 8 other teams that are tougher. 

Prior to Sunday's game minor leaguer Cody Scarpetta got a surprise call-up to Milwaukee.  Although he wasn't used, the experience was probably exhilerating to say the least.

2B Eric Farris might be a trade target at the deadline?  No where to go for him with Rickie Weeks healthy season.

The Brewers are testing a new "demand ticket pricing" system.  

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