Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Enrout to the top....

Milwaukee came from behind, again, last night in their 3-4 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Crew are now 30-28 and tied for third with the Houston Astros. They are still 7 games back from the Cubs, but Deadspin notes that Chicago will be on the road 23 of their next 32 games (hmmm?).

Jeff Suppan gave up 3 runs including a home run last night. He did not pitch too bad thanks impart to the run support. Earlier in the season, giving up 3 runs meant a loss. Soup also gave up 7 hits, but only 2 walks, striking out 6. He last seven innings.

The duo of Mota and Torres is working out nicely for the Brewers. Mota is most effective in the set-up role, that's for sure as he tends to get flustered easily after walking the lead-off or going behind in the count. What's nice about the closing team is Brian Shouse being used when needed with his side-left arm throw.

Torres looked like a true veteran out there, throwing well positioned pitches, working the counts, and not losing his composure. He never lost his cool though, you put Gagne in that same spot that Torres was in (bases loaded-1 out) and you will not have the same out come.

Prince Fielder is definitely hiding round steak under his bed at night to snack-on while his wife is asleep. Keep doing that Prince, just don't get caught by her. She probably had to work pretty hard in converting you in the first place. Your game winning HR (9) was a towering blast of protein!

"I'm a big-time third-base stealer." So says Prince, according to Madison.com

He does say some pretty funny things in post-game interviews.

Both David Riske and Eric Gagne aren't coming off the DL any time soon. Both are recovering slowly. Riske did play a soft toss prior to yesterdays game, but looked no where near game form.

I bet occasionally, more so in the past then now. Here is a break down of Brewers vs Diamondbacks.

Miller Park is rewarding the rick....by allowing free parking for hybrid vehicles. Because you know, the working-class/blue collar citizens of Milwaukee all drive those bitch magnets around.

Top Milwaukee Scout Jack Zduriencik has scouted more than 150 players at the high school and college level......since FEBRUARY!

Outside prospective on the great Sausage Races at Miller Park.

Finally, the batting averages start to rise...

Prince .290

Braun .297

Hart .292 (down from the 300's)

Those that are pretty bad....

JJ Hardy .245

Billy Hall .227 (joke)

Rickie Weeks and Mike Cameron have struck out 88 times so far this year. For the love of God...Mike missed the first 25 games.

-Why did Ned Yost bench Sundays all-pine team? I would have to say that JJ and Rickie should sit more to make room for our bench stars. Until they raise their batting averages and start delivering more hits.

-Out of a (close to) 1000 polled, 57% think the Brewers should trade Billy Hall

My question you Milwaukee is who the hell will they get in return for him? $5mm/year!


-Brewers grab top viewing spots in the Milwaukee market, thanks to the weekend sweep. This is truly a baseball town.


  1. Did you happen to catch any of that hockey game last night? Wow. I am not a hockey fan at all but will pretty much watch a do or die game in any of the major sports. And I was nervous watching it.

  2. I heard it went in to a couple of overtimes. I want to like hockey, I do. But that would require me to take a ritalin and my full attention.

    There was a nice piece on NHL at the end of last weeks SI issue (used to be Rick Reily's spot).

    The squid tossing and other odd traditions is really cool. Not to mention this...
    They don't have type "DEFENSE" on the jumbotrons in order for the fans to yell it. They know better. Or they don't come up with too much fancy gimicks like Bobble Head days at the ball park.

    They simply sell the game itself!