Saturday, June 7, 2008

Yost Blows It

A six inning superb performance by Ben Sheets wasn't enough for a Brewer win.
Back to back homeruns by Branyan and Hardy wasn't enough for a Brewer win.
Jason Kendalls 2 run triple wasn't enough to for a Brewer win.
A stellar 7th inning outing by Carlos Villenueva wasn't enough for a Brewer win.
It all could've been however, had Ned Yost taken his head out of his ass in last nights 6-4 loss to the Colorado Rockies.

Why is it Yost's fault?

-Ben Sheets was pulled after 6 innings and 100 pitches. This after the club had a day off on Thursday and will then again next Monday (6/9/08). So why? Why did Yost yank Sheets from the game?

-Carlos Villenueva came in to the game to handle the seventh. Which he did with perfection. Why? Why did Yost pull Villenueva after the seventh?

-Guellermo Mota, what can I say. This isn't the first time you blew a game that we had pretty much wrapped up. You have done it quite a few times through out your journeys in the Majors.

Yost should still be the hot seat people. Just because they went on a late May tear and won 6 straight, doesn't mean we should stop asking these questions.

One would also wonder why it took him so long to switch the Kendall to eighth in the line up and put the pitcher ninth? They have are 10-2 since doing so.

Yost is just too stubborn, it's his way or no way. Sometimes you have to listen to reason Ned. This was one sore loss. I'm sour over this loss. It should have been won, but it wasn't, because you had to try to play smart ball rather than one based on logic.


  1. Scootage, make up your mind! In the past it was Ned's fault for leaving pitchers in to long. NOw, it's Ned's fault for listening to YOU. When was the last time the bullpen had innings? Ned didn't lose the game. Every thing hfe did made sense. Check your prevoius posts.

  2. If you look back at my posts, I defend Yost for taking out Sheets last weekend in the bottom of the ninth. I did so because they played May 20th-June 3rd with out a day off. So that is when you control the pitch count. Not when you have 2 days off in a matter of 5 days!

    You don't loosen up the bullpen on the road. Innings are given at home not on the road when you're only up 3 runs.

    I should've elaborated more.