Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lack Luster Effort

Watching last nights game was like pulling teeth. It was simply bad. It didn't help that Roy Oswalt brought his best stuff (this season) to the Juice Box. Roy struck out 10 Milwaukee batters, however that hasn't been too difficult when playing the Brewers. The likes of Mike Cameron, Billy Hall, and Russell Branyan all play their respective role in assisting the oppossing pitcher. Not taking anything away from Russell however, as he earned his right (thus far).

As expected, Mike Cameron (.215) didn't have that spurt of energy after being shifted down to the 5th spot (flip flop with Cory Hart). He did have a hit but also struck out once. His only crutch with the Brewers, his defense, had a blooper when he charged a dead-on fly. Upon taking his first couple of steps he noticed that it should've been backwards and not forwards. I can't fault him too much, as his defense has been stellar out in Center.

Hats off to Seth McClung for dishing out revenge on the 'Stros, after Oswalt beamed Ryan Braun right after an infield meeting at the mound. It looked as if Lance Berkman iniated the talks, yet, Seth decided to take out on Tejada. Not wise, considering the fact that Berkman crushed his 19 HR of the season.

Hopefully the Brewers can pull off a win today and tomorrow to even this road series. Once again, they can then limp home and enjoy a 9-game home stand.


Interesting blog by an Atlanta newspaper. Makes me wonder if the 2001 Eastern Confernce Finals were rigged/skewed? It was that series between the Bucks and 76'ers that let to my declined interest in the NBA. You don't have to a genious to realize that playoffs are rigged. I think Donaghy is telling some of the truth on this topic.

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