Sunday, June 8, 2008

Road Rash

Colorado came out of the gates early and unleashed a can of whoop ass on the Dave Bush right away in the first. I would imagine it's hard to come from behind after a team hits back-to-back homers (one being a grand slam) in the first inning. That being said, Milwaukee came out swinging too (for the most part of the second inning). In the end Colorado won 7-2 sending Bush to a dismal 2-6 record. Bush gave up his usual first inning let down, which has been a chronic problem of his for the last couple of seasons. To his defense however, he did regain composure after giving up those 5 runs of two home runs.

The bats were pretty silent last night, except for Cory Hart who had a couple of hits and Branyan who had a double. That double was thought to be a home run, at least that's what Branyan thought. Instead of an easy double, Russell was limited to a single due to not hustling after contact.

Denver is a tough place to play for Milwaukee. Brian and Bill were discussing a good topic on Friday. By the time visiting teams get used to the elevation, the series is done. Keep in mind though, Boston didn't have a tough time with it, although that was in October and not in June.

-Mike Cameron started last night and went 0-4. Suprising.

-DiFelice gave up a home run to Ian Stewart, which was a questionable call by the ump and should fuel the instant replay argument even more. I say forget it! Instant replay doesn't belong in baseball.

-Yost explains his "formula". This has to be the end of the straw. My friend Shawn Voigt said it best to me over the phone yesterday. Yost is good enough to bring us out of the basement, but not enough to deliver us a pennant.

-Yost defends Mota, at a time when I don't want to hear it.

-Milwaukee loves the father-son connection. This story by JSonline points out even more bloodlines. I didn't know Michael Brantley (Huntsville) had a father who played in the Big Leagues.

-Todays match up: Jeff Suppan will try to even his record (3-4) in the series finale.

-Call me old school, but shouldn't there had been retaliation for Jeff Baker slidding high on Rickie Weeks (Friday's loss)? Turns out this may be a little more serious then what the club let on about it. According to The Code a team should take revenge if a starting player is taken out intentionally. Now was that intentionally? I would say yes, any time you aim for the knees, you have to assume so. Same goes with the chop block in football!

-Russell Branyan can go yard, but boy can he strike out. I will take the bad with the good in this case. Keep on trucking Russell, shoot for that Burnitz record! His power has dug us out of a few holes already.

-Colorado will soon be back to normal when their DL is emptied (here too). With Tulo and Holliday set to return soon....they should make a July surge.

-Milwaukee's 39th pick, Eric Decker, will return to Minnesota to play football this season. Looks like this is a loss. This two-sport athlete is expected to be one of the top receivers in the Big Ten this coming season. One down...hope not too many to go. Hopefully a hefty signing bonus could change his mind. If I were him, I would stick it out at Minnesota. You can't pass up your last season of Big Ten football can you?

-Milwaukee has to make it their number one objective to sign Jake Odorizzi. This kid will make an impact in 3-4 years. Odorizzi led his team to it's first state title yesterday.


In other state news...

-Michael Redd will be traded...I know that much. For what/who...? No idea. This addresses that question.

-Not state news ( I guess )...but there is a really good story in this weeks SI. It's on the wooden bat league up in Alaska. This league has had numerous stars/future hall of famers play in it including Bonds, McGwire, Randy Johnson, and other greats.
The top three (NCAA Summer) wooden-bat leagues in the country are : Cape Cod, Alaska, and Northern Woods League (WI,IA,Canada, and MN). Home of the Woodchucks!

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