Monday, May 3, 2010

10-14: Yovanni rescues the Crew

Yovanni Gallardo single-handidly won the game for the Milwaukee Brewers on Saturday.

He threw 7 complete innings, giving up a single run, two walks, and 11 strike outs. In his last two (quality) starts, Yo has 21 strike outs in 13 innings. Impressive.

Yo also did it with his bat (yet again) by going yard with a solo shot.

As pointed out by Corey Provus during Sunday's game, Padres hurler Mat Latos had this to say about Yo's homer...
“I was behind 1-and-0 in the count and threw him a fastball,” said Padres starter Mat Latos. “He ambushed it and got lucky.”
Nice, it was all luck. Take a look at his batting stats Mr. Latos. Get educated.

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