Tuesday, May 11, 2010

15-17: Bad News Monday

Not only did the Milwaukee Brewers get their ass kicked last night in grand fashion 8-2 thus worsening their home record to 4-9; they also found that Carlos Gomez is going on the 15 day DL. On the bright side, they back-dated the sting to May 6th when the injury occurred.....he will be back just in time for the series in Minneapolis. Adam Stern has been called up from Nashville to fill-in. Stern has prior big league experience with Boston and Baltimore; he is tearing it up right now in Nashville batting .349 on the season.

The crappy part about last night was that Doug Davis pitched a damn good game. Really, he did; tossing a no-hitter in to the 5th inning. Could Doug Davis really be the 3rd pitcher to pitch a no-no by only the 2nd month of the season?...........no.........The wheels fell of shortly there-after and the Crew dropped to 6-4 in May. Davis threw 5.2 innings giving up only 3 hits. However, those 3 hits resulted in 6 runs (3 earned) be given up and a Doug Davis-like 6 walks. Needless to say, he imploded. But he did show some confidence in the early going and had excellent command of his pitches. Hell, he struck out one fool with a 65 MPH meat hook.

This home stand has to be the stint to right the Brewers' ship so to speak. If they can fend of the feisty Eastern Division teams (Atlanta & Philly), they could inch further away from .500 and try to nip at the heels of the Cardinals (long shot, I know).

Casey McGehee went yard for the 7th time this season. This guy is beating the snot out of the ball and playing some decent defence. He and Braunie should make the All-Star team....just sayin'....Prince Fielder could be another lock, even with his slow start. If Chris Narveson wins his next two starts...he could be a vote-in. Please keep in mind....this is all being shot out my arse and holds no weight...especially the Narv Dog.

Milwaukee's bullpen didn't do it's part in stopping the bleeding last night. Both Parra and Vargas gave up earned runs. Claudio Vargas is NOT pitching like he did in the later part of 2009 when he rejoined the Crew. His ERA has now swelled to 5.65, however he has recorded 14 k's already on the season. So in a way he has improved slightly in one area.

-Rickie Weeks showed us glimpses of his 2006-2007 defensive skills by earning 2 errors last night. Awesome.
-Milwaukee's pinch-hitters went o'fer.
-Joe Inglett started in RF for Corey Hart and he hit a double, I like this player a lot.
-Prince Fielder had 2 hits
-Ryan Braun was taken out of the game shortly after being beamed by Tommy Hanson (3-2).

Jair Jurrjens (RHP) of the Braves has been on the 15 day-DL. He tweaked his hammie while sprinting before last nights game, resulting in a set-back to his recovery. Odd. Apparently he re-aggrivated the very same injury that placed him on the list....or....of course, it's something much more serious.

Speaking of injured Braves....Chipper Jones is back on the DL as well, he pissed off an old injury as well in last night's game (groin).

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