Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No where to go but up

Right? I mean, can they possibly extend the losing streak to 9 or 10 games? God I hope not. Honestly. This has to be the perverbial 'bottoming out' that drug addicts talk about when referring to their low points.

Well, Trevor Hoffman is going to just hand over the closer-role. You would think that his 19 earn run average would be enough for him to sulk up his pride and hand the ball over to Carlos Villenueva or even Todd Coffey. Instead...he had THIS to say. It's obvious, the new generation of players that are in the mid 20's aren't fooled by his pitches. For some reason, he can't snap out of this funk.

Michael Hunt discuss the idea of firing Macha, not because of his personality....but because of his personnel decisions. I'm sorry, but his personality isn't a match here in Milwaukee. I couldn't help but yell out loud "Get thrown out Kenny! Do it for your team and show them you're pissed" during Monday's game with Cincinnatti when Alcides Escobar was thrown out at home. He jumped right in front of the ump and I thought for sure he would tell him to "throw me out, right now, please".....but there was no such luck. Instead, he putzed back to the dug out the and the Crew ended up losing. He's the ass-opposite of Lou Panella and Bobby Cox. He's certainly not a mood-changing type of guy who will motivate the masses.

Personally, I say can his ass. Give the duties to Sveum or Randolph. This isn't rocket science here people. Granted, this is a little different than the time when Melvin canned Ned Yost....but look how they responded. They need to do something here....and I would imagine that firing Rick Peterson is out of the question. Bio-metrics my ass.

Randy Wolf, who's looking like the Jeff Suppan Project 2.0, takes to the mound tonight. HERE is the starting lineup for tonight.

Lastly, Carlos Gomez went 1 for 3 in his first rehab game for the TRats. He also had a stolen base. He will join the team in Minneapolis for the Twins series. Thankfully. Mat Gammel was supposed to play in Brevard County yesterday, but was scratched due to illness. What a flop.

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