Friday, May 21, 2010


John Axford shined for the Brewers last night only days after getting the call-up to the bigs. The man that sports the 70's handle bar 'stache has been most-excellent over the past couple of games.

He has been the anchor in the bullpen that Macha needs right now. So far so good. Last night he tossed 2 scoreless innings after relieve Chris Narveson. The Narv Dog looked pretty decent, aside from the first two innings of work (3 earned runs on 7 hits in 6 innings of work).

So far in his 3 appearances, the Mustache Bronco has a 2.25 ERA with 5 Strike-outs and he has only give up 1 hit; all in 4 innings of work.

A bit premature to hail this man as the crutch for the weak and pathetic bullpen? Perhaps...but right now we're pulling for some sort of sign to get the team out of this hell hole of a mess.

Ryan Braun & Prince Fielder were flip-flopped last night for the first time ever! That didn't work too well....considering that Prince had one hit on a weak-ass infield hit (almost an error on Cedanno) and Ryan Braun went o'fer.

Rickie Weeks is 5 for 42 over the past 10 games.
He went o'fer last night. Not good, considering that he's our lead-off.

Hart had a triple last night and Kotteras added a double.

-Michael Hunt feels as though Melvin is in the middle of a rough patch, but he's still a good GM.
I agree. As fans, we only point out the failures and perhaps one or two highlights/success stories (CC Sabathia, Trevor Hoffman (2009), Gabe Kapler, Craig Counsell etc....). His victories far out-weigh the failures. It just so happens that the failures take up half of Milwaukee's payroll this season (Hall, Suppan, Hart, Hoff 2010, Riske, Hawkins).

The Crew only had 3 players on the bench in last night's game. Geruts' wife was in labor. It looked bleak when Zaun went down with an injury....and now he's heading to the DL. I mentioned last night, Jonathon Lucroy is getting the call-up!

Speaking of roster debacles....Minnesota has their own....
JJ Hardy won't be back in time for the weekend series against his old team and friends. As a result, the team is strapped in finding viable options for roster changes. They just sent down Matt Tolbert to AAA, and he has to stay down there for 10 days. Their other option, prospect Luke Hughes in on the DL and they don't need another 3B in Danny Valencia.

But we will see Carlos Gomez on display! I am expected great things from this kid over the weekend. He has a lot to prove. Hopefully he doesn't play angry, he plays smart. It will be Willis Randolphs' job to keep him in check. Both teams are skidding, although Milwaukee's is far more severe....compared to Minnesota's 3 game losing streak.

Dave Bush vs Blackburn tonight.

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