Thursday, May 13, 2010

15-19: Brewers get their ass kicked once again; swept

Milwaukee was outscored 28-7 at Miller Park by the pathetic Braves. Milwaukee is now 4 games below .500 and their bullpen is stressed beyond belief.

Despite an excellent outting by Yovanni Gallardo (6 innings, 2 earned runs), the Brewers bullpen was rocked from the get-go and quickly handed the game over to the surging Braves.

Manny Parra (0-2) and Carlos Villenueva gave up 2 runs each while Trevor Hoffman really stunk it up by forking up 3 to ultimately put the game out of reach.

Prince Fielder was 1-4
Inglett went 0-1, he was the lone pinch hitter
Casey McGehee had 2 hits, one being a double, and added an RBI.

Rookie phenom Jason Heyward recorded his first stolen base.

-Melvin, Ash, and Macha are going over their options to fill in the hole caused by LaTroy Hawkins. Apparently he won't be back on May 22nd (eligible to come off DL), so that means the Crew has to call-up someone soon. Melvin's scouts have argued that Nashville has the best bullpen in (AAA). So the options there are Axford, Dillard (again?), and my top pick in Zach Braddock.

*With LaTroy, Hoffman, Riske, and Suppan in the bullpen....I would venture to say that Milwaukee has one of the most expensive bullpens in the BIGS....and it's the worst. Todd Coffey is the ONLY reliver that's playing well.'s Tom Oates points out the obvious; Yovanni Gallardo's pitch count is a chronic problem. The kid can bring it, flat out. But what's the use when your ace can only last 6 innings and his pitch count reaches 100? He has to minimize his walks, and that will happen over time......which unfortunately is something the suds city doesn't have. Yesterday afternoon Yovanni exited with a pitch count of 108.

We all know Prince Fielder has yet to break out of his 1+ month slump. Adam McCalvy wisely mentions that idea of Casey McGehee evolving in to a protection role for Prince Fielder. Much like Matt Holliday is for Albert Puhols, Casey could be be for Prince. The second year 3B is off to a scroching hot start and should be a front runner for the All Star game. The Crew could have a devastating 1-2-3 punch in Braun Fielder McGehee.

A couple more reason why I will always love Bob Uecker. When he retires, which I would imagine it not being too far away, summer just won't be the same with out him. Read the last story between Uecker and Howard Cosell when they were doing a game in Minneapolis. Hurry back Bob!

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