Tuesday, May 3, 2011

13-15: Gallardo doesn't have IT

It's apparent that something is way off in Yovani Gallardo this season. You can tell that Rick Kranitz tried his best to install some confidence and even a new approach in his delivery. Bill and Brian were talking about his wind-up and how it's a lot faster now. The new concept seemed to work, giving up a solo HR until he entered the 6th. That's when all hell broke loose. Honestly, it was like the previous 5 innings of rehabilitation to Yo's mind went down the shitter. It was horrific to watch. When all was said and done, Milwaukee's 2-1 lead fell to 2-5 and they ultimately lost 2-6 when the blood beatin' was done.

This makes 5 crappy starts, consecutively.

Gallardo is now rolling in a 8.89 ERA and 1-2 record. No thanks to Prince Fielder & Cory Hart acting like a bunch of softies, they dropped a routine (arguably) fly foul ball when they were too worried about hitting each other. As a result, the flood gates opened! Yo's pitch count was 89 by 5 & 1/3 inning. He walked 4 and struck out 7.

Ryan Braun reached base safely for the 27th consecutive game. Braun went 1 for 4 and Prince went o'fer.

Casey McGehee has been pretty bad this season, thus far. I mean, he looks slow and lacks any significant power at the plate. In fact, I'm wondering how long it will be until Mat Gamel is given ANOTHER shot at 3B with the way he's been playing. Gamel has, in 89 at-bats, 10 doubles already and he's hitting .310 on the season. Perhaps I'm being premature with this argument, but Casey has been off since running in to Joseph Voto last week while running to 1B (thumb).
Granted, Gamel has always rubbed me the wrong way from the time he reported to Spring Training late when he was penciled in as the starting 3B. That was the year that McGehee broke out, 2009.

Nyjer Morgan is being activated for today's game. HE BETTER BE IN TODAY'S LINE-UP @ CF. Gomez has been horrible in the 2nd spot of the lineup.

Brewers Nation should be eating the words when they look at Yuniesky Betancourt's play to date. In 25 games the (at times) power hitting SS has had only 2 errors and he's been pretty damn good at the plate as well. In fact, he was one of the few that can get some timely hits with RISP. Infielder Coach Garth Iorg (best name EVER) and Robin Yount worked long and hard with Betancourt down in Phoenix to get him ready to start fresh with Milwaukee. KC fans have been eating him alive with their criticism while he played down there. Nice to see him come around.

No shocker here, Mark Rogers is on the 15 day DL with carpal tunnel syndrom that is effecting his feeling/sensation in his fingertips. I have had this and it's not fun. It's probably one of the most painful things I have gone through. In the middle of the night, my finger tips and hands go completely numb and throb in pain. It's horrible. My guess, is that Rogers get's this while pitching and you then lose control of the ball. They are treating it as a virus however, which make it different, but the symptoms (from my reading) are the same. His ERA was 9.45 and he went 0-2 while trying to battle through it. Mark is the Brewers top pitching prospect....goes to show how much trouble Milwaukee is in...

Marco Estrada gets the ball for the Brewers tonight against the Braves. If he pitches well, there has to be an argument over him getting the nod instead of Narveson. Hell, at this point, put Yovani on the DL and let him fester in the dug out until he snaps out of this mess. Give Estrada the 2 spot in the rotation.

Brewers are knocking off $1 on tickets for May wins. Not off to a good start on this promo...

Zack Greinke is coming of the DL and making his first start in a Brewers uniform tomorrow. I'm not getting my hopes up on him right out of the gate. He's going to be limited to 95 pitches and if you noticed others who have come off the DL, pitchers tend to take a couple of games before their mojo is cracking (look at Ubaldo).

Milwaukee acquired Jordan Brown from the Columbus Clippers (Indians) for some cash and a bag of big league chew. The left-handed hitter was hitting .278 for the Clips in 72 at-bats. He's already driven in 13 RBI and has 3 homers. He can play OF and 1B, so this will be a nice back-up option to Mat Gamel when he takes over 1B for Prince next season.

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