Friday, May 6, 2011

13-18: Kameron Loe losses it

Something is wrong in the Brewers clubhouse, that's for sure. They are running on 1 cylinder right now, and that cylinder is Shawn Marcum...okay, maybe Rickie Weeks as well. But this team is playing absolutely horrible. It's hard to stomach, watching a game these days. We all know how it's going to why not just DVR is and fast-forward through the boring parts?

For the first time, I'm highly pissed off at Ron Roenicke for yanking Shawn Marcum when he had 98 pitches by the end of the 7th inning. Are you F*CKING KIDDING ME? Marcum was lights out the entire game and he made only one mistake that resulted in the loan run of the game. Instead, Conserviative Ron was channeling his inner Ron Paul-ness and he decides to go with Kameron Loe. Of course, Loe blows it when Martin Prado, the douche bag that lit up the crew with shitty bloopers and bleeders (what is a bleeder, Tom Haudricourt?) decided to blast one over the left field fence. Are you kiddin me? Of course, if this were the Brewers of the past, I'd say "we have a chance to match that". But you can't say that anymore with a straight face. Milwaukee is hitting .176 over the past 6 games and have score a craptastic 20 hits in the Braves series.

So, now what? What's next? Well...Nyjer Morgan is going back to the DL with a broken middle finger that occurred while trying to place a bunt. As soon as he hit the ball, Brian Anderson let-off a disgusted sigh...all of Wisconsin knew that Tony Plush was heading back to the DL. Of course, Tony knew it to when he threw a temper tantrum in the dug out. It's not about you dog, it's about the team. Don't let your negative events have an affect on the team. Suck it up Tony Plush...suck it up.

It's my guess that Boggs will accept being outrighted to Nashville and then get recalled. However, I do believe there is some sort of requirement on the lenght of time one has to spend in the minors before being recalled. Otherwise, they'll call up Mat Gamel, one would think.

Sean Green was sent down yesterday and Seth McClendon was called up.

Well...the good news is that Milwaukee will head to St. Louis to take on the Cardinals, who are in first place after just coming off a huge win over Josh Johnson and the Marlins (6-3). That's the same Josh Johnson that earned Pitcher of the Month in April. Yep.

No fear Milwaukee, I actually think Milwaukee will win this series. Honest to god. They have to, and they know it. There's no such thing is a must-win game in early-ass May...but when you look at last season when they fell deep in to a hole after Trevor Hoffman blew all of those saves....especially with this pitching staff that we have. But can anything ever go right for this F*CKING Team? Honestly? I'm so god damn pissed off right now I can't handle it.

I'm going to have a damn FIRE tonight out in my backyard and probably drink a 12 pack of Lite. Why? Because that's how I cope.

It's not going to get any easier when the Crew face-off against the Cardinals' Lohse, Westbrook, and Garcia. Thankfully, no Carpenter; however that could've been a blessing if we faced Carp because he's suckking nuts too. Collectively, those 3 Cardinal pitchers have 11 wins on the season so far. Not good, when you look at Milwaukee's records.

Milwaukee will also have to find a way to quiet Lance Berkman, who's on a tear with his 3rd team. The 13 year veteran is only hitting 3-27 lifetime against Randy Wolf (3-2, 2.39 era this season). Meanwhile, Jamie Garcia is 3-0 with a 2.48 era. So this will be a pitchers duel tonight, but the Cards could erupt with Holiday, Pujols, and Berkman at the plate.

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