Thursday, May 5, 2011

13-16 / 13-17: Poor defense dooms Crew

It's crazy what a simple error can do to open the flood gates for this team. If it's not Rickie Weeks bobbling plays, it's Prince Fielder having brain farts or Jonathon Lucroy & Will Nieves getting called for interference (also an error).

Milwaukee got their asses kicked yesterday and last evening. In fact, it was so bad that Tim Hudson was able to throw a complete-game 1 hitter last night against the pathetic Brewers offense. I will say pathetic because that's exactly what they're playing like. If they don't hit the long ball, you can forget about this team scoring any runs. Case in point? Rickie Weeks hit a triple in the 8th inning of the first game...he was left stranded. Then....he hit a double in the 2nd game, again, only to be stranded. That's your lead-off hitter getting on base.

To Zack Greinke's defense...his teammates didn't help his cause in the 1st inning when he had to throw 32 pitches. He threw 86 pitches, 57 for strikes and gave up 4 earned runs. This really doesn't concern me that much. Anyone who throws 32 pitches in the gosh damn 1st inning is going to suck after words. He did have 6 k's in those 4 short innings, so that's promising. He'll come around, but it won't be until his 3 or 4th start.

Ryan Braun ended his streak of consecutive games for reaching base safely. He did however earn April's Player of the Month for the NL.

Zack Braddock went to the DL with a sleeping disorder, odd, and Brandon Boggs was outrighted to Nashville to make room for Greinke. Boggs did suit up for the first game before being sent down in between the two games.

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