Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Milwaukee Debut of Zack Greinke / Double Hitter

Zack Greinke will finally make his debut today for the 2nd game of the double header in Atlanta. Finally, after 28 games the wait is over. Now don't expect to see greatness right out of the gate; he will be limited to 95 pitches and I would think that will last him in to the 5th, possibly the 6th. Depending on what happens with Shawn Marcum as well in the first game of the header. Milwaukee will probably allow Marcum to throw in to the 8th inning if at all possible and hopefully that will be that case. That will allow Roenicke to use his bullpen sparingly with the thought of not having another off-day until next Thursday, May 12th. The off day yesterday was well needed and couldn't have happened at a better time. Aside from the 16 consecutive games in August, Milwaukee plays (according to my notes) four- 13 game blocks with no days off. With this off day, it allows them to break up one of those 13 game spans.

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