Wednesday, May 18, 2011

20-22: Brewers road woes resurface

Not like it ever disappeared. Even with Milwaukee's win on Monday night, they only tacked on 2 runs. Last night they couldn't even muster a run, yet they had plenty of opportunities to drive in runs. Runners In Scoring Position. They can't drive in runs, they don't have timely hitting, and they love to leave runners stranded.

Casey McGehee stranded 4 runners in scoring position last.

The Brewers seem to love swinging at the first pitch when they have RISP.

Milwaukee has a .258 batting average right now.

Carlos Gomez should be forced to bunt EVERY TIME he's at the plate, unless of course the bases are loaded. He can not hit, he can not make contact, he can not NOT swing at the first pitch. He's a stud in the outfield, no doubt, but a disaster even in the 8th spot.
Do we have to settle with taking the good with the bad? Apparently, because he had a couple of nice plays out in CF. One in the early part of the game when he cut off a line drive by Uribe that could've easily been a double, yet Gomez (who was shading to left field) made up ground quick to Right-Center field to cut of the bouncer.

Milwaukee's bench is horrific at the plate. Go figure when you have players like Boggs, Counsell, Kotsay (probably the best of the bunch) and now Rivera. Yes Boggs has a couple of homers, big whipty do, he's batting a buck-76 right now. Awful. Old man Counsell is hitting .233 while Kotsay is at .255 on the season. Not exactly what you want to see. Don't feel too bad, Joe Inglett is only hitting .222 for Houston; he was a decent bench hitter last season.

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