Wednesday, May 11, 2011

16-20: Excellent game turns in to crap show

What started off (most of the game) as another brilliant performance by Shawn Marcum and a wake-up for the offense...turned out to be a game of crap. Crap sanwich to be exact.

Not taking anything away from Marcum. He collected his 4th win of the season (4-1) and punched out 8 batters and 0 (ZERO) walks. When was the last time the Brewers went back-t0-back with a no-walk game by the starting pitcher? Someone please answer me this?
At any rate, Marcum went 6 complete innings and only threw 89 pitches (63 were strikes). Granted, he did give up 5 runs, but they came in the 5th when he seemed to be laboring quite a bit near the end.

The bullpen did limit the bleeding a bit when Estrada (H 1) came in and only allowed a hit, as did Stetter while John Axford notched his 7th save of the season, but still gave up 2 hits and a run.

Everyone in the Brewers lineup had a hit while Lucroy & Gomez (again) and even Shawn Marcum all had doubles. Lucroy drove in 3 runs while McGehee added 2.

However...Jonathon Lucroy had another brain fart on the base path when he was apart of a double play that occurred in the 5th. This is when the wheels started to fall of during the game.

Thanfully, Milwaukee was able to hold on. They have now won 2 of their 3 and are going for their first true sweep of the season.

-Latroy Hawkins has provided a "shot in the arm" for the bullpen. As much as I have ripped this acquisition in the past, he's starting to come around. Hopefully he stays healthy.

-Ryan Braun credited Milwaukee's fan base as part of the reason why he signed the extension.

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