Wednesday, June 8, 2011

34-27: Cappy drops the hammer on Milwaukee

Chris Capuano was able to get his revenge on the club that parted ways with him prematurely.  Granted, no one can blame Milwaukee for doing so, even Cappy himself.  But it must have been a sweet taste left in Cappy's mouth when he exited the game in the 7th after allowing only 1 run to the league's hottest team.  That being said, the Crew will get a free pass for this game since they got back from Miami at 4:00am and the roof was open with 100 degree weather.  Then again, excuses are like assholes, we all have 'em. 

Shawn Marcum put together an excellent outing by pitching 6 complete shut-out innings.  He walked 4, which is uncommon for him, and he didn't have his "A" game with him...and struck out 1 batter.

Marco Estrada, once again, struggled in relief.  He allowed the 2 earned runs and had it not been for Rickie Weeks chasing down a triple, it could have been another run.  He's now 1-3 on the season and a 4.12 era.

Casey McGehee is in a world of hurt right now and it's going to be hard for him to break out of this slump.  Not only his is offense horrific, but so is his defense. 

Lot's of catching up to here we go....

Sporting News magazine listed Braun, Fielder, and Greinke on the MLB's top 50 players list.  How does Ubaldo Jiminez get on that list at #41 and Shaun Marcum not make it?  Yes, I know Marcum didn't get a no-hitter last season and he didn't string together a huge first half of the 2010 season like Ubaldo...but that's about it man.  C'mon now.  Marcum has been spot on the past 5 seasons with an ERA in the 3's.  Ubaldo has been lights out for 1/2 season.

Finally, the Sporting News is getting credit.  By far, my favorite magazine.  They put together a piece on the upcoming free agrency market and they discuss Prince Fielder.

Look, I'm not gonna pretend I know what I'm talking about when it comes to baseball.  I especially don't like to pretend I know good talent in the draft when I see it.  Although I did call the Ryan Braun selection as the top pick 5 pick in the draft that year.   But then I also called Kentrail Davis a top sleeper pick in 2009's draft...the verdict is still out.  Last, I called the Bret Lawrie pick one of the best selections in Brewers history, even better than Braun; again, the verdict is still out.  This year, well, I don't know much of anything.  I know that both Jungmann and Bradley are huge, towering individuals that come from solid baseball schools (Georgia Tech & Texas).  Taylor Jungman is was the first pick of this years draft for the Milwaukee Brewers and they made it count by snagging him after the clubs in front of them went heavy on the middle infield.  He could have been a top 10 pick, easily.  The 6-6, 224# RHP already has a nice aresonal of pitches and was a finalist for this year's Golden Sp)ikes Award (college baseball).  He is someone that could POSSIBLY contribute to the Milwaukee bullpen this season, according to Melvin.  However, that would be a huge mistake.  Let's start planning ahead for 2013 season when either Marcum & Greinke (or both) are gone.  Hopefully he'll have enough time to get ready for that.  Because once they leave, the rotation goes back to normal.  Although there are a number of hurlers in the Milwaukee's farm system (Single A) that will be ready by then.  In 16 starts for Jungmann, he went 13-1 with a 1.39 era.  That's tough to beat.
The next pick was Jed Bradley, the 15th overall pick and 2nd LHP to be taken (after Seattle's Danny Hultzen).  Upon finishing up his junior year at Georgia Tech, the hard throwing southpaw collected a 7-3 record and a 3.49 ERA in 16 starts.  He led the team in strikeouts and he should be someone that can possibly leapfrog prospect Kyle Heckathorn, the top 2009 selection from Indiana who has struggled thus far. 

MORE on Jungmann

MORE on both Jungmann & Bradley

Jonathon Lucroy's brother was drafted by the Brewers during the second day picks.  MORE on that...
Remember when the Crew drafted Rickie Weeks' brother?  Yea, he decided to stay put in college and he ended up getting drafted by ________, crap, I can't remember who.

Braun leads all NL players in votes for the All Star game.

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