Thursday, June 30, 2011

44-37: Bats go silent in the city

Umm....Hey Corey Hart--do you mind hitting the ball sometime this roadtrip?  My god.  Nothing like leaving 7 RISP.  Milwaukee was on the cusp of opening up last night's game with a 4 run lead.  It could've happened, but Corey Hart and Prince Fielder both came up empty with runners on 3B & 2B.  Awesome.  Say what you want, but Marcum giving up 4 runs to the Yankees was not the end of the world.  Milwaukee could've came back, but the offense lacked power and contact.  Despite the fact that McGehee was dropped to 7th in the batting order, that didn't matter.  You know why?  Because Casey McGehee sucks this season.  There I said it.  I was always supportive of him while he battles through this slump.  Yes, he collected a base hit; but this horrific offense & defense is too much. 

Milwaukee sucks on the road, plain and simple.

The bullpen held it together, aside from Dillard giving up the HR.  They threw 3 innings giving up the one run. 

Sergio Mitre, despite having a solid couple of months with Milwaukee, has been traded back to NY Yankees for cash considerations. 

CC Sabathia still thinks highly of his stint in Milwaukee when he single-handily put the team on his shoulders and carries us in to the playoffs.  It's insane to think that a player who plays every 5th (or 4th in CC's case) game while he was on the cusp of collecting a huge, record breaking pay-day during the free agency.  I will always be a fan of CC, just not today though.

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