Friday, June 10, 2011

35-28: Milwaukee loses a home series

Ron Roenicke put is plain and simple...Milwaukee was out played this series.  My guess is that they the Crew was looking forward to playing the Cardinals and hopefully trying to pull ahead of them.  However, the Cards won last night and Milwaukee lost.  Now the Brewers are back to 2.5 games behind.  All of the 4 top teams in the Central (aside from Cubs & 'Stors) have a record of 6-4 over the past 10 game stretch.  Milwaukee wins--St. Louis wins....ugh.

Yovani Gallardo definetely didn't bring his A game to the park last night.  It was a struggle for him all 4 innings that he threw. Not even the Aaron Rodgers gracing his presence at the park would be enough for the Crew to get their bats going either.  Yo (8-3) gave up 4 earned runs on 10 hits and 4 walks.  Pretty pathetic showing for someone who's trying to keep up with the 8 game winners in the league.  He would've been the first to become a 9 game winner.  That doesn't matter though, what matters is that the offense was unwilling to provide any sort of run support this entire series, aside from the 8th inning in Wednesday's game (4 runs).  That's discouraging because Milwaukee's bats are usually on fire at home. 

Prince Fielder continued his hot streak by going 2-3 with a pair of doubles. 
Casey McGehee continued to suck by going 0-4 and failing to drive home a run with RISP. 

I felt bad for Casey up until last night; it sounded like the fans at Miller Park feel back my the boo-birds started to come out when Casey failed.  It's time to make a move and it's needed now.  Regardless of Milwaukee's plans to convert Mat Gamel to 1B for next season once Prince leaves, I think they should switch him back to 3B and call him up.  If the Crew is trying to go all-in this season, then they should put the pieces in place to do so.  Plus, what does this tell Prince Fielder?  That the team has no plans to make a significant run at re-signing him?  I mean, isn't that the message they are sending by keeping Gamel down in Nashville (where he is tearing it up, btw)?  Bring him up and let him learn both corner infield positions.  Or, do something with Josh Wilson as a last alternative.  Counsell is even (barely) starting to hit, so there's another option.  On a Casey McGehee ending-note, that liner he missed was a tough one to grab and blame should not fall on him.

With the Cardinals coming to town this weekend, Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin will finally get to see what these Brewers are made of.  Chris Narveson (2-4, 4.85) will take to the mound against Kyle Lohse (7-2, 2.41).  My guess is that St. Louis will take tonight's game, especially with Albert Puhols playing so hot.  But the next two weekend games could easily go to Milwaukee with Zack Greinke & Shaun Marcum pitching.

Saturday: Greinke (5-1, 4.83) vs Chris Carpetner (1-5, 4.25)
Keep in mind that the Cardinals have faced Greinke probably twice a season while he played in KC.  So they certainly know what he's made up of.

Sunday: Marcum (6-2, 2.58) vs Jake Westbrook (5-3)

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