Thursday, June 16, 2011

39-31: Ugly loss in Chicago

  Not exactly what you wanted to see.  Milwaukee got the shit kicked out of them by the Cubbies this afternoon in what turned out to be an embarrassment.  Yes it's only one game.  But it was so ugly that it gave me the meat sweats.  How could our key acquisition (Zachary Greinke) completely implode and crap the bed against the horrific Cubs?  Well that's exactly what happened when Greinke gave up 8 runs (6 earned) in 5.1 innings on 8 hits and only 2 walks.  He was rocked from the very start. 

Meanwhile, Weeks-Morgan-Fielder-and of course Yuni Bentancourt all went hitless.  Corey Hart did too, but he walked 3 times.  The only good thing that came out of this game was ol' Casey Mcgehee continued to claw his way out of his slump by hitting a double and 1 RBI. 

Not exactly what Wisconsin wanted to see out of their team before they travel east to take on the Red Sox (40-27). 

Meanwhile, the red hot Reds have the day off before they travel to Toronto and the Cardinals (yet again) take on the Royals, this time at home. can expect to see the Brewers hopefully pulling off 1 win in Boston and drop to 2nd Place in the Central while the Cardinal leap frog them after they sweep the Royals.  The Reds will continue to stay back 2.0 or so games back because I don't see them faring much better in Toronto, perhaps pulling out 1 win.  Let's not write off the they are now 2 games above .500 and riding a (probably their first in over 10 years) winstreak in June, with 4 wins. 

After June is done, I would not be surprised to see the Cardinals-Reds-Brewers-Pirates all with in 1.5 game of who's ever in 1st place.  If Milwaukee can get through June with still being (at least) 2 games above .500, they will be in the drivers seat for the NL Central heading in to the All Star break. 

This next paragraph is completely far-fetched...but here goes....this is what their schedule looks like:
@Boston, Tampa, Minnesota, @ NYC
So, let's say they get swept by Boston which would then bring their record down to (39-34) on the season.  They could return home and hopefully split their homestand which would then put them at (42-37) before they fly-out east to play the Yankees.  Even if they got swept in NYC, Milwaukee would escape the horrid month of June with a 42-40 record.

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