Monday, June 20, 2011

40-33: Milwaukee escapes Boston with one win

Yes, Milwaukee got their asses kicked 2 out of the 3 games in Boston.  But all things considered, I'm happy that they were able to get 1 win, since I was expecting a sweep.  The Red Sox are just too good at home and they were on cloud nine all weekend with the Bruins' celebration bringing hoards of sports fans to downtown Boston.  This team already has the best home team advantage in all of baseball, throw in the energy of the Stanley Cup and you'll have a one jacked up team. 

With that being said, it is concerning to see to the likes of our 3 best pitchers have horrific outings all at once.  Right when you need them the most, they implode.  Granted, Marcum was slightly injured when he tweaked his hip flexor, but anytime a pitcher(s) throws 35+ pitches in the first inning, you know it's over before it started.  Yo & Marcum both proved that.

Marcum's next start (Tuesday) is still on hold...we'll find out today though.

Regardless, they are still in first place (for a week now) and sharing it with the Cardinals; who by the way might be with out their star player, Pujols.  He hurt his wrist early in the game yesterday against the Royals.  X-rays are being done today to determine the extent of the damage.  Imagine if he's out for a long period of time (6+ weeks), what it will do to the 'asking price' for Prince Fielder?  Pujols is going to be on the downside of his career, very soon.  Meanwhile, Prince is on the up.  Prince may have just leap-frogged Pujols as the biggest prospect this coming off season.

Next up?  Well, the lovely Rays are coming to town.  Milwaukee's 25-9 home record will go up against the Rays' 21-15 road record.  This will be Tampa's first trip to the Brew City and their second time every playing eachother; back in 2005 the Rays took 2 out of the 3 game series against Milwaukee.  Jeff Niemann will face Chris Narveson tonight.  Lucky for Milwaukee, they will only have 1/2 of the deadly duo that is Price (Wednesday) and miss Shields.

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