Wednesday, June 29, 2011

44-36: Milwaukee out of it's league

It's pretty much a gimmie that the Milwaukee Brewers would get ripped up and spit out if they were still playing in the AL East.  Makes you wonder how the Baltimore's and Toronto's would do in other divisions? 
Milwaukee lost 12-2 last night to far more inferior team.  It's hard to stomach many more inter-league games like this one (or the Boston beatin').  Regardless, Milwaukee will hope to claw back to evening the series when Shaun Marcum takes to the mound tonight.

Zack Greinke was rocked early and often, exiting the game in the 2nd inning after giving up 7 runs.   I'm starting to think that even IF (and I stress 'IF') the Brewers make it to the World Series (or even the post season--which they should make), you have to wonder if Zack Greinke's anxiety won't take control?  Was it nerves/anxiety that Zack felt last night?  No one knows but him, but it sure looked like he was out of his element out there at Yankee Stadium.  Considering that he has pitched at Yankee Stadium (new & old) probably close to once a season in his career.  Look, I feel for anyone who has to struggle with anxiety; it's a crappy thing to go through.  I go through it everytime I fly, but you look at Greinke and you see that he battles that on and off through out the year--especially during the season--you feel for the guy.  Granted, Greinke isn't the most fan-friendly player.  He keeps to himself and doesn't like to play with the media.   With that being said, he puts a lot of pressure on him to rise to the occasion; which he needs to do.  There's a whole 2nd half of baseball to be played and he has to bounce back big time.  Not to say that he hasn't had moments of brilliance over the past 2 months.  A couple of 10 strike-out games that last into the 7th or 8th inning is huge, considering what the team had to deal with last season.  So, there in lies my biggest concern/question....could Greinke rise to the occassion and play in MLB's post season?  I'm not that sure.

Mat Gamel proved that he belongs in the Bigs.  He went 2-4 with a RBI and played some good defense.

Can't decide who has a more severe case of ADHD; Carlos Gomez or Nyjer Morgan.  Regardless, it fuels them to be damn good players.  Albeit, it can also cause some offensive woes. 

Rickie Weeks leap-frogged Brandon Phillips for the starting 2B spot in the All Star game.

JJ Hardy back to Milwaukee?  Finally someone besides me is starting to think this is a GREAT idea.  He's having a career year in Baltimore.  Get over the idea of Reyes coming here.  The Crew doesn't have the prospects to give up.

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