Saturday, March 28, 2009

Appealing Rumor

I was listening to MLB radio on XM just now and they were talking about new Jake Peavy rumors. Most noteworthy was the rumor of Peavy being traded to Milwaukee for 4 players (package). One of the players that would be included was JJ Hardy. I didn't hear who the other three were. The show didn't say that a trade was offerred, but it did mention that there were discussions. The radio-guy also didn't cite his source.

I checked the TMZ of baseball, MLBTRADERUMORS.COM and they had no mention of it. MLB Radio has been pretty squared away and somewhat reliable when they break news like this. Comes with the territory of being owned by the MLB.

The radio-guy also questioned why the Brewers would want to ship JJ to San Diego? Apparently he doesn't know too much about Escobar, who is waiting to get the nod. I would also think that Milwaukee would have to ship a plethora of prospects including Salome, Gamel, and Lawrie. Again, none of those names were mentioned...but if prospects are included in the talks, these names would surely be mentioned.

If the Brewers were able to convince Peavy to lift his no-trade to Milwaukee...the Brewers pitching staff would automatically make them the second best in the NL Central (behind Chicago).

I'm getting excited over nothing...
but this would be swell. Peavy wearing Brewer blue and being our ace. This would also take the pressure off Yovanni Gallardo and Jeff Supan. Looper could also be shifted to the bullpen where he has already proven himself as a durable pitcher. This would leave Bush as the 5. Too good to be true.

Take this post with a grain of salt. But let's not forget that Melvin practically cried like a little school girl when rumors surfaced earlier this week, denying them bluntly. Bill Hall also mentioned that the club would be in on Peavy.

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