Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Off Day

Players were given the day off today thanks to having an extended camp this spring. They have one more off day coming yet before it's full speed ahead. Starting to get excited here...yep....

Manny Parra threw 4 no-hit innings yesterday in their loss to San Fran.
Casey Mcgahee is tearing it up in camp with his bat. He homered yet again. As many of us read over the winter, Parra and CC Sabathia hung out quite a bit. Manny credits CC for his new pitching approach this season.

Billy Hall should be back by the home opener (Giants) and Braden Looper is still in the air. Thus far, Ken Macha has Craig Counsell penciled in ahead of Mcgahee and Lamb. Hopefully this changes or he opts to platoon that position.

Slow day in Brewer news...

So slow that we have to revisit the Escobar vs wife feud still going on. TH mentions Keith Law's blog (ESPN.com) in this TIDBIT.

Since I like food, I have to discuss Milwaukee's Hotel Metros' hiring of Jerry Garcia. If you recall, he is the one who does the cooking tips (Piggly Wiggly I think) during the FSN broadcasts of the Brewers and Bucks. I have tried a couple of them and have been pleased with the outcome. This has every thing to do with baseball.

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