Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No Trevor-Time for opening day?

It is looking more and more like Trevor Hoffman will start the season on the DL. This isn't the end-all however. In his absense, we can expect to see McClung as the fill in. As long as TH is ready to pitch by May, he can take his time resting his injured side. HERE is more on how he is adapting to Milwaukee.

This does however, add to the complications dwelling in the bullpen. Carlos Villenueva is having a horrid Spring Training Camp. David Riske (coming off shoulder surgery) is also struggling. One of our lefties, RJ Swindle was released. And Eric Gagne is no longer with the club.

- Jeff Suppan will get the start for the season opener, April 7th, in San Fran. This is the same guy who completely dropped the ball and hacked up a huge loss for us in the NLDS game 4. Yuck.

-Yovanni Gallardo looked pretty bad yesterday. Keep in mind, it's only spring ball. Could be worse, you could be the Houston Astros. Although his support was lackluster as well. The soon-to-be ace of the club threw 98 pitches.

-It's looking like Trot Nixon may be given the pink slip.

-Who can hardly blame Mike Rivera for getting sick of his lack of playing time. Starting only 13 games last season has to play tricks with your mind. He's a competitor, and a damn good one at that too!
"Sometimes I didn't feel like part of the team"
With Salom waiting in the helm for his chance to replace Kendall, Rivera has to be thinking the worse.

-Remember Luis Villarreal? He pitched with the Crew in 2007. He just got signed!....by the T-Bones.


  1. This is why you don't sign a 40 something year old stop gap closer. The Crew seems to be in an endless cycle of trying to find a closer year in and year out and Hoffman isn't going to pitch much longer and then it is back to square one.

  2. The thing is...with a closer, you can find one anywhere (internally). So I guess you don't really need to spend big coinage to pick someone like TH up. Look at last season with Tores...he had 25+ saves (28?). Anything is better than "closer by committee".