Friday, March 27, 2009

Milwaukee and the state breathe a sigh of relief....

"No structural damage"... that's what Ryan Braun's MRI results came back with. After Thursdays test, the entire state was crossing their fingers hoping that Braun's tests came back with an all-clear. Although this doesn't necessarily mean the injury isn't serious. It will surely bother him for the weeks to come and could effect his swing and performance. Which is reason for concern considering the lack of productivity we saw from him in September and the post season. Regardless, this is good news and Braun should now take the rest of spring off and frest his side-gut.
Gord Ash added this however,
"From the MRI, you couldn't tell what was new from what was old," Ash said. "The decision was made to continue to treat it and see how it responds. If the swelling doesn't go down, we might need to do another test." -
On another side note about Braun, ESPN's Baseball Tonight did a fantasy special last night. Braun was in their top 5 picks-selection (#5 overall).
*Air Tran has formed a partnership with Ryan Braun. This kid is raking in the dough through all of his sponsorships. Smart guy.
*An Appleton newspaper is hoping that Brett Lawrie will be playing for the T-Rats this season.
HERE is a link to his personal blog. I can't wait to see him playing leftfield...and Hart in center.
*Miller Park made a number of "improvements" that probably won't be enjoyed by the blue-collar fans of Milwaukee. The only noteable thing is the re-arranging of the clubhouse store by leftfield. It will now be run by Majestic and have some old County Stadium bricks on one wall.

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  1. "Milwaukee and the state breath a sign of relief...." and the entire state was crossing their fingers." Are you talking about A.I.? Go Danny Go!!!