Monday, March 9, 2009


Anthony Witrabo feels that Escobar is the most MLB-ready player. I would have to agree with him. It seems that Gamel has some maturing to do (on-field & off-field), Salome has some injury issues, and Lorenzo Cain isn't quite ready yet. Of course there are a bunch of other prospects, but Escobar could step in on Opening Day and have a solid outing. Witrabo poses a good questions (I know...Witrabo?!!?!), who will Milwaukee keep? JJ Hardy or Escobar as their SS of the future? My money is on JJ Hardy, who is probably the least heralded SS in the National League, but has the best skills.

Eric Gagne, the man that was paid 10MM for one year of service by Milwaukee...has been released. His run with the Crew is officially over. Although there were times that I hated this man and yelled obscenities at him from my seat or at the tv...he helped the team when needed most...that was September and October. Plus, he did a pretty cool thing in buying a number of seats for the fans at the end of the season.

Minor League prospect Brae Wright is done for the season with Tommy-Lee-Jones surgery. Too bad, apparently this southpaw had a crack at the rotation in Nashville. The good lord knows Milwaukee is in need of lefties...heck, we need pitching in general.


In other news....Milwaukee also has a basketball team in the NBA. Although I used to absolutely love the Bucks, I must say we have drifted apart. I don't blame the Bucks...I simply blame the NBA and David Stern. The league has embraced the hip-hop culture and it's ranks swelled with thugs. Ever since the brawl between the Pacers and Pistons, my attention has shifted elsewhere.

I can't help but notice the Bucks this season however. They are fighting for their lives. Although the team can't buy a (significant) win streak, they are still managing to hold on. With 16 games left to go, it is now crunch time. I will surely jump on the band wagon should they make it to the playoffs. But at the same time, question why they are there....a losing record gets you in these days, ugh.


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  2. Apparently your online source either failed to complete the definition, or you decided to omit it..

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