Friday, March 6, 2009

Predictions for 2009

National League
1. Cubs Will that rotation hold up? Choke in post season...yet again.
2. Brewers Too much offense to be left out of wild card race
3. Reds Not their year quite yet, 2010 they will shine
4. Cards And we thought Milwaukee's pitching was bad?
5. Astros Lance and Hunter not enough
6. Pirates "rebuilding year"

1. Phillies Still a contender
2. Marlins-x Surprise team of the year, this years Rays.
3. Mets Emanuel won't last, either will Johan.
4. Atlanta Their outfielders hit how many HR's combined last season?!?!
5. Nationals Not their year, next year will be after Jordan Zimmerman gets his feet wet.

1. Dodgers Stupid Manny is all they needed
2. D-Backs It was a toss up with the Pads
3. Padres " " , They won't miss TH.
4. Giants How's Zito treating ya?
5. Rockies No Holliday, no .500

American League
1. Twins M&M duke it out for MVP
2. Indians Best position players in the Central
3. White Sox I don't know what to think of them....
4. Royals Alex Gordon's break out year? Mike Jacobs will surely help.
5. Ligers Cabrera will make a run for MVP.

1. Angels This is their has to be...or else....
2. Seattle Jack Z. assembled a well-balanced team
3. Athletics Holliday will help, but still not enough
4. Rangers Hamilton won't make it, I have DL on the mind.

1. Red Sox Well coached, unsung contributors, and a well-oiled rotation
2. Yankees-x Not even that much money can help Girardi.
3. Rays Burrell certainly helps, but it's just too good of a division to repeat.
4. Orioles Decent infield...but not much else.
5. Blue Jays (worse record in MLB) No pitching

Wild Cards: Yankees & Marlins

NLCS: Dodgers vs Marlins
ALSC: Red Sox vs Angels

World Series: Angels over the Marlins

AL MVP: Justin Morneau
NL MVP: Hanley Rameriz

NL Cy Young: Brandon Webb
AL Cy Young: CC Sabathia

AL ROY: David Price

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