Friday, July 9, 2010

37-49: Lack luster effort...lack luster season


How can a team come off a sweep of the Minnesota Twins follow it up with a piss poor finish to the first half of the season (unofficial half)? I don't get it.

Michael Hunt put it best the other day, the Brewers don't have the pieces. They don't.
Even if they pull off a sweep against Pittsburgh this weekend at Miller Park, it's still nothing to get your hopes up. Why? Well because they start the 2nd half against the Braves. Of course, the remaining games in July look pretty decent. They play the Pirates (yet again), Houston, and DC....oh yea....and the flaming hot Reds. That being said, it's safe to throw in the towel on the season.

Or is it?

No need to type about my last remaining hope of the Brewers salvaging the season with a hot streak to finish off the month. I mean, the Crew will have Yovanni back and LaTroy Hawkins. The latter being a bigger deal than what you think. With LaTroy and Riske (who's pitching well) coming back it takes the work load off of Braddock, Axford, and Loe....three young rooks. It also limits the use of the always streaky Carlos Villanueva and it puts the ultimate dagger in Trevor Hoffman. If Hawkins performs decent, my guess is that he'll split the closing role with Axford, with John getting the nod most of the time. Where does that leave Trevor Hoffman? I would assume that they will trade him away or release him...even though that's a nice size contract they give him over the off-season. They could also take down the All Time Saves countdown board out in CF.

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