Thursday, July 8, 2010


That's the best way to describe the state of the Brewers right now.

Their only hope of salvaging NEXT season is by dealing Corey Hart to the SF Giants before they skip town this afternoon. Although this probably won't happen until after the All Star break, Melvin is being an idiot if he doesn't get rid of him now. Hart's value will NEVER be higher than what it is now and he could draw a Jonathon Sanchez OR Madison Bumgarner in return. Milwaukee may have to throw in another low-level prospect like Kentrail Davis or Cutter Dykstra, which I believe isn't warranted. With Hart recently snapping his 20-game hitstreak 2 nights ago, he is vulnerable to drop off the face of the earth, especially with the All Star break coming next week. We all remember 2008, right? Granted, he's getting closer to his contract year (one more year under team control) but one can never take his performance for granted, let alone rely on it.

The argument coming from the Giants Nation is that Hart won't rake at AT&T Park because of it being a pitchers park. They point to Aaron Rowand as a prime example of a power hitter who came to their park via a trade and failed to adapt to their environment. So they are a little scared by this thought.

Milwaukee on the other hand should not back down from a Bumgarner for Hart trade, in fact they should try to kill the deal and walk-away from it if they don't agree to it. Don't sit there with your hand extend pan-handeling for loose change. Hart has value (finally) and they should do their best to locate a young pitcher with plenty of potential.

In fact, I would much rather have Bumgarner than Sanchez. The latter issues too many walks and is sparratic. Madison is a solid young pitcher who's value is still low because he only has one major league win.

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