Monday, July 26, 2010

47-53: Crew sweeps Nationals, like they should

Well, Milwaukee decided to make this up-coming trade deadline much more interesting. The Brewers are now positioned 6 games under .500, the closest they have been to .500 since mid-May. With the second place Reds coming to town you can't help but think "what if". Milwaukee could gain some ground against the Reds while trying to regain being .500 shortly after the trade deadline. Even if Milwaukee sweeps the Reds, which they won't, they will be 3 games under at the trade deadline. What do you do if you're Doug Melvin? Do you buy or sell?

Milwaukee is 8.5 games out of first place.
The Reds & Cardinals have been sporadic, at best. Both could easily go in to a week-long slump and the Crew could gain on them. Far shot? Yes. That's why the Crew needs to stick to their guns and deal Hart. They better hope to God that Cory can play in the Reds series in order to quell any fears that he is seriously injured and thwarts any hopes of being traded. They need to trade him by weeks end.

Yesterday, Rickie Weeks and Casey McGehee led the Brewers offense that accounted for 5 unearned runs. Both homered (20th & 14th, respectively) while Dave Bush had a solid outing on the mound, thus making up for his horrific start in Pittsburgh earlier in the week. Bush went 6 complete while giving up 2 earned runs on 6 hits and 7 strike outs. Thanks to scoreless frames in the 7-8th inning by Cameron Loe and the 9th by Hoffman, the Crew's bullpen continued their turn-around.

Jonathon Lucroy is now hitting .293 on the season, as he added two more hits yesterday.

I was unaware of this, but Adam Dunn went on AM620 during Saturday's game and chatted with Uecker! How cool is that? He wasn't in the line-up so he was able to make his way up to the press box and he chatted with Ueck for a short while, on the air. Adam Dunn is good-to-go in my book. In fact, it would be nice to see him with Milwaukee, if he would play RF better.

Speaking of.....Welcome back Mr. Baseball. I know Bob Uecker reads my blog on a bi-weekly basis (talking out of my ass). I should also note that Davey Nelson didn't do too bad of a job. Now if only they would get rid of Jerry Augustine....he is horrible. His post-game show with Craig Coushawn (sp?) was horrible. He looked like an alien who didn't know where to point his eyes to.

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