Friday, July 23, 2010

44-53: Crew almost blows it

Thank god for Yovanni Gallarado. In his first start since hitting the DL prior to the All Star break, Yovanni tossed 6 shut-out innings and comletely man handeled the Pirates line-up. As he should. Apparently Bush and Wolf suck so bad that they can't even beat the pathetic Bucs. Unreal.

At any rate, Yo put in work but was almost stripped of his win when Todd Coffey came in to relieve him in the 7th. A "wild" pitch was launched by Coffey that ended up hitting the backstop. This may or may not have been a retaliation for Rickie Weeks getting pegged in the 5th. Regardless, it ended with a two-run burst by the Pirates in that inning.

It took John Axford to earn a 5-out save for his 13th of the season. This kid is cool as ice.

Prince Fielder (24) & Rickie Weeks (19) both hit homeruns.
Weeks also contributed with a triple while Lucroy and Counsell added doubles.

-As you probably already know, the Crew sent Lorenzo Cain (8 for 10) back to the AAA-Nashville to clear room for Yovanni. Unbelievable. Why not kick someone else down who easy choice is Doug Davis or Randy Wolf....but they can't go.

-The Fielder / White Sox rumors are really heating up. I wish they would just wait until the off-season. had a cool "Welcome Back Ueck" story today.

-If Milwaukee doesn't pull off a sweep against the Nats this weekend....kiss Hart and maybe even Prince goodbye.

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