Wednesday, July 21, 2010

43-52: Bush blows

Wow...what an ugly start to a game last night. Right from the get-go the Pirates pounced on Dave Bushy (4-8). In 4 short innings Pittsburgh drove in 10 runs against Bush (5 earned) on 9 hits. A pitcher typically isn't going to get the job done by having only 2 strike outs and as many walks. Horrible day for Bush....right when the Crew needed him most.

What really sucks about this flop start is that is lowers his trade value just a tad. Nothing drastic, he has strung together a strong run of solid starts since the debacle in Minneapolis. But this was horrible; against the worst team in baseball no less.

The good news, if there was any, from last night was the bull pen. In 4 innings of work, Villy gave up the one loan run while Coffey and Hoffman collected scoreless frames.

Ryan Braun (15) and Jim Edmounds (5) each went yard. The latter came a triple away from a cycle. Rickie Weeks also contributed a double.

Finally, Bob Uecker, the man that makes the Milwaukee Brewers so much fun is coming back to the booth. I can't wait. This summer has been "off" since Bob Uecker left the game to take care of some handy work on the ol' thumper. Talk about a star, someone who loves the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Brewers baseball coming back early to put in work after a challenging time in his life. To my friends with young children out there....make sure you hover around the radio the remainder of the season so that your kids can hear excellence....I think this might be his last season.

Michael Hunt ( discusses the Fielder-Hart market once again. He argues that now is the time to start dealing them for pitchers. Am I missing something here? There is no flipping way that Melvin is going to deal Prince Fielder, no way; not until the off-season. Quite frankly, why wouldn't he wait until everyone can come to the pary?

After watching ESPN's "Homestand" edition on the Brewers last night, I can see why the Carlos Gomez isn't playing much. He apparently doesn't mind the fact that he's having a pretty bad season to date. The fact of the matter is this kid is very immature and he has no plate-discipline what-so-ever. He has wheels and he (used to be able to) bunts well. Hopefully Lorenzo Cain and Rickie Weeks can take over the OF next season. All allow Brett Lawrie to play 2B....but even then, you have two young kids playing the middle infield with a new CF. Unreal, this is quite the jam.

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