Monday, July 12, 2010

40-49: Crew wins in walk-off fashion

If only the Brewers played the Pirates every week...heck, I would take every 2 weeks...

Corey Hart won the game yesterday with a walk-off, two-run homer that put the Brewers record to 40-49 heading in to the All-Star brear. Call me crazy, but that record shows some sign of hope. I mean, if it were 39-48...I wouldn't think that. But since the wins/loses are in the 40's, it makes me feel a little better.

So, with Brett Lawrie tearing it up in AA-Huntsville and eyeing a September call-up, one has to wonder what the Crew will do with Rickie Weeks? My guess is that they will have to have Lawrie switch positions again, possibly to 1B in anticipation of Prince Fielder leaving. The Crew should be able to lock up Rickie Weeks with a contract by this time next year (2011). Lawrie was a why did they have to switch him to OF and then to 2B? That being said, the kid is the youngest player (@ 20) in the Southern League. He's tearing it up too! If he somehow made it up as a 2B, could you imagine that middle infield and CF? Escobar, Gomez, and Lawrie is far too young of a group to lead the defense. On a side note: (taken with a grain of salt) states that Jack Z and the Mariners were targetting Brett Lawrie in a trade for Cliff Lee (3 team trade). He was, afterall, Jack Z's last (first round) draft pick before he left for the M's.

Speaking of call-ups...Lorenzo Cain is probably going to be called up soon. He was on stand-by when Yovanni went down with an injury, although he's day-to-day now. You're looking at the OF of the future when you have Gomez, Braun, and Cain out there.

Milwaukee is still trying to figure out what they have in Carlos Gomez. In my humble opinion, he's not a starter yet nor should he be. He should learn RF and be read to take over for Corey Hart when he gets traded.

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