Monday, August 1, 2011

60-49: Milwaukee notches their best record of the season; 11 games above .500

Milwaukee did what they were supposed to do over the weekend; they swept the Astros right out of Wisconsin.  All things considered; Hunter Pence being traded to Philly during the middle of the game on Friday night and Michael Bourne going to Atlanta before yesterday's game should have (and did) given the Brewers a huge edge....

It's August 1st and the Brew Crew has a season best of 11 games over .500, which translates in to a 60-49 record.  Kind of feels weird, it's August 1st and the Milwaukee Brewers are 11 games over .500 and they are in first place of the NL Central.  Odd.

One could write about all the terrific things that occurred this weekend, but I'd rather look ahead to task at hand.  The St. Louis Cardinals are coming to town for a 3 game series.  Tonight, Chris Carpenter (6-7, 3.68) will take to the mound against our prized off-season addition...Zack Greinke (8-4, 4.50).  Now is the time for Zack Greinke to show Wisconsin why he's worth giving up on Alcides Escobar and Jake Odorizzi.  To date, he's made a decent argument--especially from his past few starts. 

St Louis is 2.5 games behind Milwaukee; so if the Crew wanted to seperate themselves
 from their biggest threat--they should do so starting tonight.

-Jerry Hairston Jr. was traded to Milwaukee from the Washington Nationals.  I like this move, although it was a lot to give up for a 35 year-old veteran.  The Brewers had to give up their Minor League Player of the Year in Eric Komatsu (OF) in doing so; but a move that was needed.  With Craig Counsell on the verge of (being forced to) retiring since he's been mirrored in a 0-44 slump.
"When I walked in the clubhouse, I saw (leadoff hitter) Corey Hart hit a home run," said Hairston. "That was good to see." -Hairiston Jr.

So now Milwaukee has a handyman in the crafty, .253 career hitter.  Jerry has played 3B while filling in for Jordan Zimmerman in addition to playing SS, 2B, and the outfield. 

-The Pittsburgh Pirates have now dropped to 4.5 games out of 1st place after being swept by the Phillies this weekend, but they should be able to have a decent shot of sweeping the Cubbies over the next couple of days at PNC Park. 

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