Wednesday, August 3, 2011

61-59: Crew & Cards Bring the PAIN

Milwaukee lost a nail-biter last night in extra innings, 7-8.  Yes, it sucks that the Crew lost and they snapped their 7 game winning streak. 

But lets skip the fact that Marcum gave up 6 earned runs in 6 innings of work on 7 hits.  Or that Prince Fielder had yet another throwing error trying to throw out a Albert Pujols at home (albeit he did make up for it later in the game a throw to home). 

The real question is: Did Milwaukee intentionally hit Pujols (Saito's pitch)?
The second question is: Did LaRuss make the call to hit Braun? 

Here are the sources:
-AM 620 interview after the game with LaRussa; The Cardinals skipper called Milwaukee fans "idiots" but quickly reworded that.  He claims that he did not give the sign to beam Braun, instead he told Motte to pitch inside (like Milwaukee did, allegedly).

-Tony Larussa is arguing that Miller Park/Milwaukee Brewers are cheating at home.  He claims that the stadiums perimeter lights that seperate the upper and lower bowls (used for ads).  Tony says that it's brighter when the opposing teams are pitching as compared to it being dimmer when the home team was on defense.  I noticed those lights being extra bright during the game (a vibrant blue).  But I didn't notice who was up to bat.
Of course MLB would rule against LaRussa.  This is obsured.  It goes to show that the Cardinals are sad little children that have a sense of entitlement because they're club has been around for over a century. 

-Pujols didn't speculate about the Brewers intentions...but he said that the pitcher better "keep the ball low".

-St Louis Post-Dispatch discussion board is filled with interesting comments.

-Let's not forget Yadier Molina's rant with the home plate umpire that resulted in him chest-bumping and spitting in the face, thus resulting in him getting tossed.  He should get 3-4 games suspension when all is said an done.

Let it be known, Saito did not intentionally hit Pujols.  That would've made zero sense because Albert would've made 3 men on base with 2 outs (I believe) with the game tied.  That makes absolutely no sense.

Milwaukee.....WE HAVE A RENEWED RIVALRY.  Screw the Reds-Cards "rivalry".  The Reds are out of it.

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