Tuesday, August 30, 2011

81-54: Milwaukee Brushes Aside the Cubs

I was on vacation since Thursday so didn't get much of a chance to make a post. 
I was able to listen to most of the Cubs @ Brewers series and it sounds like Corey Hart is heating up.  The pitching has been on-point and Zack Greinke is the most dominate home pitcher in MLB.  He's a perfect 10-0 @ Miller Park.  That's why Doug Melvin made that deal. 

Cool story from USA Today on the sabermetrics of Quality Starts.  Zack and Estrada are mentioned.

Jonathon Lucroy is hitting .413 on Tuesdays this season.  That's bad for the Cardinals.  How do I know this?  Because the morning 1250 am show out of Milwaukee was talking with Lucroy on the air just now and they brought it up.  Lucroy seemed a little annoyed because of the superstition of letting a guy know he's on fire.  It's like telling a pitcher in the 8th innning, "Hey buddy, you know you're throwing a no-hitter?".

Milwaukee will hit 3 million tickets sold this week.  That's insane for the smallest market in all of baseball.  Milwaukee ranks 9th in baseball for attendance and should leap frog the Cubs by the end of the season.
This is the 3rd time since 2008's wild card season.

Milwaukee welcomes the wacko Tony LaRussa and the Cardinals to town for a 3 game series to end the month and open September with.  Come Thursday, Milwaukee will enter their last month of play. 

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