Tuesday, August 16, 2011

71-51: The BEST defensive game I have ever seen by the Crew

Last night was insane.  Despite the first 5 innings being a snore-fest on the offensive side, it was the defense that lit Miller Park up with a Triple Play, 3 Double Plays, and a throw-out from CF that could probably be marked down as a contender for the Play of the Year.  Yes, the triple play that involved Wilson, Betancourt, to Fielder was phenominal and only the 6th one of it's kind in Brewers history; but it was Jerry Hairston's play that surprised the hell out of me.  Miller Park's 38,000+ fans were reved up as each of the 3 double plays occurred.  When the Triple Play happened, the stadium seemed explode, at least on tv it looked that way.  The icing on the cake was the last play of the game when Prince caught a rocket liner and then stepped on 1B to get the force out on the Dodger who was already half-way to 2B. 

Randy Wolf was unstoppable and one could tell that he was ready to go from the start.  When he took to the field last night in the top of first inning, the FSWisconsin camera was focused in on him.  He and Kottarus stood there and you could see Wolfy getting amped up and ready to fire out of the dug out to begin the game.  He went 8 complete and gave up a season high 5 walks on 6 hits, 5 strike outs.  Despite the free-passes, the shut out was on point and well needed. 

Ryan Braun, Jonathon Lucroy, and Corey Hart all homered for Milwaukee.  There 3 HR's were the only difference in the game.  Fielder, Braun, and Hairston all added base hits respectively. 
Odd, there was no doubles or triples in last night's game--but there were 3 HR's.

Axford saved his 35th of the season (32 consecutively).

Every thing is clicking right now, even the defense. 

Milwaukee signed their top 2 draft picks last night, during the 11th hour of negotiations.  Taylor Jungman (2.5 MM) and Jed Bradley (2MM) finally grew a pair and signed the dotted line.  In years past, I would have been sweating bullets and wondering to myself, "Why isn't Milwaukee throwing money at these kids---get them signed!".  This year I'm thinking, screw Jungmann.  Who is he to get all high and mighty.  Sure he had a kick ass regular season, but he also went 1-3 in the post season for the Longhorns.  We needed to sighn Jed Bradley, otherwise that pick would've been gone for next season, since it was the very same pick that rolled over from last year (Covey pick).  Milwaukee was able to sign 33 of their 51 picks.  It's always good when teams can sign 2/3's of their draft picks.  What sucks is that waiting until the August 15th deadline is the new norm.  Also, players are getting paid a pretty penny more than what the MLB 'suggests'.   So in essence, MLB is following in the footsteps of the NFL in over-paying their draft picks; only the NFL made corrections on that during the new CBA.

Milwaukee added a free agent pitcher, Mark Williams of Marietta College (OH).  He's reporting to Helena Brewers.

Update on Gomez & Weeks; both of which are ahead of schedule. 

2 things on Attanasio....1) He never said he wouldn't buy the Bucks from Senator Herbert Kohl and his cabana boys.  2) The US will not go in to a double-dip recession.  Oddly enough, I believe him more than I believe our president when it comes to the economy. 

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